Bio: Secrets Revealed. Welcome Home!

Bio: Secrets Revealed. Welcome Home!

Michelle Amaranth is an intuitive healer since childhood. In 1982, she was the youngest professional psychic ever hired by The Psychic Eye Center: for Psychic Studies. She was recruited at age 17 by psychics working with the FBI to assist in an investigation involving missing children. In 1984 she studied tarot.

A natural empath, Living with chronic illness/pain she began to study the energetic system and the role of consciousness in healing in 1978. To better help herself and others, she persued more formal training beginning with Usui Reiki in 2000.

A Master teacher of Usui Reiki also trained in: Usui Reiki Master Teacher Ra-Sheeba Master Teacher, Light Touch Heart Touch Healing Meditation, Prayer Healing, Temples of Isis initiate, Order of the Blue Rose Initiate, Sisterhood of Light, Blue Ray, Rose Ray, DNA Activation, Medicine Buddha Empowerment to name a few.

In 2006 Began the Joyful art of hoop dance. She has studied with the masters of hoop dance.

This is the first time I have published some of this info in a public bio. I was born with chronic and painful health problems. I was highly allergic, chemically sensitive in addidion to being highly psychic and empathic. Bombarded with my own chronic pain and illness and that of others, not to mention the spirits, drove me to seek out and hone ways to channel the input.
So much of my journey was a secret. I spend a lot of time isolated and misunderstood. My parents thought I was the devil. A lot of the kids at school thought I was a freak. At the same time, adults who wanted to be psychic and those who didn’t want to do the work to find their own abilities, were impressed and wanted to take what I had. Exploited by some, rejected by others.

I did not ask to be this way. No kid wants to be that kind of weird. I have spent my life selectively concealing and revealing bits of who I am never fully trusting how others would respond. When I finally connected with my first Reiki Master Teacher, Kimberly Hasselmark, I ventured to speak my weirdest truths out loud and she met them with matter-of-fact understanding. The relief I felt was unspeakable. As I am working to grow my practice as a healer and reader, I see that I can create that relief and that feeling of finally coming home for others.

Some people will read this and think that I am a freak. Some will read it and know that we are family. Welcome home. You are not alone.

May my Voice be an Instrument of Peace and my Hands be Instruments of Comfort

May my Voice be an Instrument of Peace and my Hands be Instruments of Comfort

The commitment to bring something beneficial to the world is very simple and can be done by anyone, with or without training. As a citizen of this planet, I highly recommend that you do.

Simple is rarely easy, however, so if you plan to live your commitment, you’re going to need reinforcements. Reiki is a powerful ally on any important mission.

In Reiki 1, I learned self-healing that helps me recharge when I feel depleted. It helps me to comfort my own heart and keep me on the path in those moments when I am or overwhelmed by the enormity of the mission I am giving my life to or not feeling like I am good enough to do such work. Reiki 1 also gave me more ways to give comfort to others.

In level 2 I gained even more ways to make a difference. I further healed and cleansed my own heart and spirit. I also learned how to send healing into the past when old wounds occurred and to send healing to people and situations at distances around the world. I learned not just how to send healing energy to everything my hands touch and every place my feet touch the earth but to extend healing beyond my personal reach for maximum impact. I have learned to fill auditoriums, airports, busy intersections and other crowded places with healing love that lingers long after I’m gone, so that all who enter that space may be healed.

At level 3 and teacher level, I learned to make it so that I can earn a living in service to the planet and to teach others how to use this powerful gift, each in their own way to make their lives and the world a better place.

Mindful Problem Solving and the Hoop

Mindful Problem Solving and the Hoop

Are you having trouble solving a particular problem or set of problems in your life?
Do you feel overwhelmed or out of control?
Are you having trouble in relationships?
Do you have difficulty setting boundaries?

If you answered, “Yes” to even one of these questions, hooping might be for you.

“But isn’t hooping a child’s toy or just some new exercise fad?” you might ask.

It can be just those things and it can be one of your greatest teachers.

In teaching hoop for several years, I have observed patterns and concluded, things that trip people up in the hoop learning process are often the same issues that trip people up in life.

So here are some life lessons directly from the hoop:

1. What you think you should be doing and what is actually effective may be two entirely different things.
a. If what you are doing isn’t working, try something else.
b. Keep trying, observe the results and keep adjusting until you get your desired result.
2. Be present in your body, here and now so that you can respond, real-time, to what is really happening.
a. Your ideas and feelings about what is happening are not what is happening.
b. Windows of opportunity open and close. You have to have your attention present to recognize them
3. If you miss an opportunity, there may be a consequence.
a. Don’t miss the next one dwelling on the consequence.
b. Poise and ready yourself for the next opportunity.
4. You can’t control everything. Your locus of control rests only in the part that touches you.
a. Trying to control what isn’t touching you results in losing control of the entire circle.
b. exercising appropriate control over the small point that is ours to control, influences the flow of the entire circle.
5. Understanding where your boundaries and the boundaries of others are matters.
a. When someone fails to consider the boundaries of another and enters into their space, there are unpleasant natural consequences for both. One gets hit with a fast-moving hoop and the other gets their flow interrupted.
b. Every time you are in a new hoop or a new situation you have to figure out where your boundaries and the boundaries of other hoopers are.

When you are struggling or frustrated in the hoop. Figure out what’s holding you back, that same challenge is probably playing out in other parts of your life. 315964_2135172732529_7367691_n

Rowing your boat to get unstuck

Rowing your boat to get unstuck


Are you stuck in old patterns? Do you have an unwanted response to triggers in your life where you know that you want to respond differently but you are stuck in a loop and just can’t unlock from it? Do you wrestle with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress? Are you trying to break the same old routine or habit?

Row row row your boat!

Our brain chemistry is pretty efficient. When we do the same thing many times or when we have an experience that is extra powerful or traumatic, the transmitters and receptors in the brain burn a lasting pathway. Once that path is burned in, anything that reminds us of the habit or experience sends our little brain along that path into the familiar temper tantrum, anxiety attack, reach for a drink or cigarette, feeling of depression, etc.

We can also establish desired pathways and triggers through repeated positive experiences, like receiving healing, meditating, exercising, laughing. The more we repeat the desired experiences and put desired emotion behind them, the more automatic and lasting those desired patterns will become.

But what can you do in the mean time. When you are stuck in a rut that you don’t like and you can’t seem to pull yourself out?

Sing Row Row Row Your Boat! That’s right sing it. Be ridiculous! That is an annoying little song that will stick in your head till you can’t stand it any more, but it is better than panic attacks or flashbacks or a fit of temper that damages your relationships but you just can’t stop.

This will help you jump off the track that is damaging and on to one that is merely annoying and a little silly. It will stick you in a safer loop until the crisis passes and you can choose your next step.

Afraid you won’t remember to do this in the middle of the stuck moment? tell the people close to you about your struggle and ask them to start singing with you when they recognize that you are stuck. Place row boat images in key locations where you are often triggered, to remind you.

It is simple, easy and life changing. Try it!

On Trusting Yourself

On Trusting Yourself

trust your hunches

Most of us have had an experience where we had a gut feeling about something and we dismissed that intuitive knowing. Maybe we dismissed our gut to be polite or to give someone else the benefit of the doubt or because we didn’t want to seem negative or irrational. Or perhaps because we voiced our concern and someone else told us we were wrong, ridiculous, overreacting…you get the picture.

Later, things turned out badly and we end up kicking ourselves thinking, “I knew something wasn’t right and yet, I went ahead anyway.” Then we conclude that we have bad judgement and we can not trust ourselves. If you have self-doubt and are feeling angry and disappointed in yourself because you can’t trust your own judgement, stop it! Take a deep breath and read on.

You are not alone. I see this over and over again in healing sessions, readings and spiritual consulting sessions. Here is the truth: It was not your judgement that got you in trouble. It was not trusting your judgement, that kept you from being able to avert the disasters lurk in your past generating aftermath that threatens your future self-trust. Take another breath and think about that for a minute. Read it over a time or two if you need to. Your judgement was not the problem.

So, how do you change this pattern that is woven into the fabric of your history? Sit down with yourself and think through all of those times. The first or second date with that person you thought was so fabulous but they said or did some small thing that made you go, “Huh?”, that moment when you thought someone wasn’t being honest with you, the moment when you felt uncomfortable or unsafe, but it didn’t make sense so you ignored your gut and later things turned out badly. Look at all of those things that, in hindsight, you recognize as clues.

Now, before you get all mad and start blaming yourself, remember: if you truly understood what those clues were telling you, if you knew that you could trust yourself to act on those subtle feelings even when it didn’t make sense, you would have. It is through hindsight that you can now learn how to recognize your amazing intuition.

Think about all of those moments that you now recognize as clues. How did they feel? Did you have a feeling in your body? A question or a thought in your mind? Did something look wrong or not fit into the picture? Did something not make sense? Did you hear a warning bell or a voice? Notice how these moments, that stand out in your mind like signposts, presented themselves to you. They are different enough from other moments that you still remember them no matter how long ago it happened. Fight the urge to kick yourself and just recognize how your body, mind and spirit conspire to give you this sort of signal. Take a moment to marvel at how with so little information and without the ability to see into the future, your higher knowing took small things and created a warning for you.

Think about it. Remember how and why you dismissed your knowing. Again, don’t punish yourself. Learn. Our culture teaches us to ignore our still small voice within. Listening and responding to these things goes against the our social conditioning. Almost everyone you know has wrestled with this same demon. You are not an idiot. It has become automatic we don’t always know when we are ignoring our faithful alert system. Now is the time to learn to recognize how you override your truth.

If you recognize how your intuition speaks to you, you will know what voice to trust. If you miss the intuitive message and dismiss it, perhaps you will recognize your typical self dismissing techniques and give yourself permission to act on your gut instinct.